K2 cannabis strain is an Indica dominant hybrid. K2 effects are very physical and strong, not for inexperienced users. The aroma is unique blend of pine freshness, spice and fruits. K2 marijuana strain is best for evening and nighttime medicinal and recreational use.

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K2 is an indica-dominant cross of Hindu Kush x White Widow. The White Widow increases the yield and ease of cultivation, while the Hindu Kush adds supreme flavor and potency. K2 is a connoisseur-grade strain that should not be passed up on if you are looking for a strong indica variety.

Pain relief is one of the major indications for the K2 strain. Muscle tension is the most frequent reason that medicinal users smoke K2. Because of the ultimately relaxing nature of the strain, K2 has also been used to treat anxiety and insomnia with some effectiveness.

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